YELP (& other) Reviews for Tarpoff & Talbert Ltd.

Carl J. (A man of few words. This one really made us laugh.)
Berkeley, CA
Thanks. You done good. I would be a good reference for your services.

Phil R.
Oakland, CA
Once more, thank you. Working with you and Pat has been one of the great pleasures of my life – truly. I’m not even sure if “work” is the right word. For me at least, it wasn’t work, because I absolutely knew – knew – you had my best interests in mind and knew – knew – I’d made the right choice.

You are a remarkable team and – best of all – simply remarkable people. What I’m saying has nothing to do with money and everything to do with who you are: you are good people, and yes – you are family.

I know our paths will cross again, and I’m looking forward to that time. Love, Phil

Harriet W.L.
El Cerrito, CA
I recommend to you Anet Tarpoff and Pat Talbert, 442 Alcatraz in North Oakland. They have an excellent very informative web site Pat writes a newspaper column frequently and they are always informative and interesting, a good way to get started thinking about issues of buying and selling a house.

These wonderful women are experts, they have been doing it a long time, have lots of experience from which they have learned many tricks of the trade. They are flexible with clients, attentive to clients needs, creative in problem solving, calmly reassuring through difficulties, and thorough with attention to details They have done an excellent job for me twice with amazing financial results each time. They clearly enjoy what they do, do it well and are a joy to work with.

They are willing to give a consultation whether sale might be imminent or uncertain as to time. I can’t recommend them highly enough.

George D.
Mendocino, CA
5.0 star ratin
My wife and I have bought and sold several properties, but have never had such a wonderful experience doing it until working with Pat and Anet! They are consummate professionals who know their craft inside and out. They helped and advised us with every phase of our home sale, from contracting for needed repairs and staging, to actually rolling up their sleeves cleaning. On top of this they are really fun to work with! Our house sold in an amazingly short time, at a price that was beyond our wildest dreams. Pat and Anet are The Best Realtors, bar none that we have ever worked with.

Liz R.
Berkeley, CA
5.0 star rating

Pat Talbert and Anet Tarpoff are exemplary realtors. They’re savvy, professional, empathic, and fun. Above all, they go the extra mile (upon mile) for clients. I wish all realtors would operate the way this team does.

I helped a friend with early dementia to interview realtors to sell her house in Oakland, a sad situation that required the compassion and experience that only realtors with years in the business could possess. From our first interview with T&T, my friend and I knew they were the people she needed (we’d done two other interviews). It was a great fit: Anet and Pat understood my friend’s worries and her limitations. They came to every inspection. They discovered a hitch in the title and got that cleared up early on. My friend was very concerned about what she’d do with all her things–she was moving across country to assisted living. No problem: Anet and Pat suggested a contact who would oversee a sale of the contents and help empty the house. My friend gave a sigh of relief. It was a huge burden lifted.

And that’s how the entire transaction went: T&T held my friend’s hand, made sure she got the best deals on inspections and repairs, and worked with a deadline provided by the family. After my friend moved, Pat and Anet immediately implemented their plan: the house was transformed, updated, painted, floors done, and staged. Sure enough, it garnered 9 offers, 6 of which were all-cash. My friend netted hundreds of thousands of dollars more than she expected.

I can say this: Pat and Anet will never let you down. They will fight for you, negotiate, adapt, and oversee every last detail. Plus they’re a pleasure to work with and complement each other beautifully. You will not be disappointed.

Nancy C.
Moraga, CA
5.0 star rating

These ladies sold a home for me in 2010. Not an easy time to sell a home, but they got top dollar for it. They really, really know their stuff, including the physical condition of homes and what todo about it, as well as all the paperwork. I interviewed 3 realtors and it was an easy choice. In a brutal market I got 5 offers above the asking price, including several well above. I cannot imagine using anyone else for my next real estate transaction that is anywhere near their neighborhood.

Ann J.
Oakland, CA
5.0 star rating

My sister and I recently sold our family home in Berkeley. We were extremely fortunate to have Anet Tarpoff and Pat Talbert as our agents. Pat and Anet were involved in every detail, from clearing the house, through renovations and final sale, giving us advice throughout and pitching in whenever necessary. They were on the scene every step of the way. We could not have found more capable, knowledgeable and enthusiastic partners in our enterprise

Cathy M.
Sacramento, CA
5.0 star rating

Best real estate agents. Ever. Recently sold my family home – a difficult process for me. And from a few hours away. They took care of everything. The house sold immediately. They helped me make decisions on what to do and what to not worry about. They were emotionally supportive…..and lots of fun. It was one of the best business experiences of my life.

Susan L.
Oakland, CA
5.0 star rating

Anet and Pat are amazing realtors. I’d read their Montclarion column for years before I met them, and even then I could tell how much they love their work, their clients, and their clients’ houses. Even so, I interviewed three other top-notch, highly recommended realtors before I hired them–just to be certain. I probably could have been “happy enough” with any of the others that I interviewed, but Anet and Pat are really special–and I knew that the moment I met them. They only sell one house at a time and they work as a team (so it’s like “two for the price of one”), pay incredible attention to detail, and have an amazing array of dedicated resource people available on an as-needed basis.

I watched them love and nurture my house just as much as they nurtured me throughout the occasionally scary and painful process. My house had its own set of unforeseen problems, and it was not in a high price range. They always made me feel as if my house and my issues really mattered to them. Whenever I panicked, they pulled me through–created miracles and moved the process along. I cannot say enough wonderful things about them–how beautiful they made my house, how fun they are to spend time with, how much time they spent problem-solving, how well they listened to my needs and concerns–the list could go on and on. The bottom line? I’d recommend them to anyone–and I, personally, wouldn’t dream of using anyone else if I went through this process in the Bay Area again.

James L.
Oakland, CA
5.0 star rating

I have been working with Pat and Anet for a very long time, through a number of transactions.

They worked tirelessly for me. I use a wheelchair to get around, so it really limits the number of places worth looking at. Pat and Anet worked closely with me, asking the right kind of questions and then following up when they wanted to make sure they understood a particular point correctly.

Their years of experience truly makes a difference when it comes to negotiating an offer. And when it comes to preparing your home for sale, they make it real easy. They know all of the GREAT contractors for wood floors, repairs and inspections.

On top of their absolute professional service and standards, they are a true pleasure to work with. Can you imagine wanting to stay in touch with your realtors after your transaction is over? You will with Pat and Anet. Honestly, I wish that every business

I deal would follow through and stay diligent the way Tarpoff and Talbert do.

Lee Z.
Los Angeles, CA
5.0 star rating

Tarpoff and Talbert helped me buy my house and then, later on, sell it and in both experiences they were excellent. Both processes can be very stressful and complicated. They not only handled everything smoothly and competently, they explained everything as well. They are an amazing team! When buying my house, they showed me what I wanted and never pressured, and when selling, they virtually handled everything! From staging, cleaning, repairs, to all the paperwork and open houses. All I had to do was sign on the right line!! They are friendly and professional! They know the market and they know their business. And they are extremely trustworthy!

John H.
Palestine, TX
5.0 star rating

Tarpoff and Talbert are the best Realtors that I have ever worked with, and the only easy experience with a sale I’ve ever had. They carried the weight of the process. They are unique in that they, as a company, concentrate on readying and selling only one house (your house) at a time. You don’t get just a real estate agent, you get a team: Pat & Anet, stagers, cleaners, gardeners, whatever it takes. And they know the Rockridge-Berkeley market inside out.

Tarpoff and Talbert also write a column on real estate for the weekly, “The Montclarion.” In the 1990s my mother, who was then in her 80s, wrote to them asking what she could do ahead of time to make the house easy for me to sell if something should happen to her. They responded with an article addressing that question and a personal, hand written letter, and they kept up the correspondence for nearly 20 years. One year they helped Mom with the pros and cons of removing a tree in front of the house. Later they helped her find a good painter — he deserves a Yelp, too, for the quality of his work– and suggested colors that would both meet Mom’s ideas and keep the character of the house. Every time I visited her, Mom showed me a pertinent column by Pat and Anet and made me promise that I would use them when the time came to sell the house. Mom was a wise woman.

Mom, Pat and Anet finally met at Mom’s 100th birthday party.

After my mother died this January, I faced a mountain of problems in selling her house: we had to sort through her things, clear out the house and clean the house, garage, and garden. The house needed extensive repairs — it was Mom’s age. And I live in Texas.

When Pat and Anet came after Mom’s death, they walked through the house with me, explaining how they would prefer to present the house, asking for items to be left with the house and discussing different options with me. They suggested I pack and ship whatever I wanted to keep, and they would arrange to have charities, recyclers, etc. clear the house, as well as dispose of things in accordance with all the recycling and hazardous waste rules unique to the Bay Area . I had felt overwhelmed just thinking how I would remove all the things my mother had collected in her 40 years living in the house, and they lifted most of that work from me. They were patient with me through several false starts, as one of my sons thought he would like to live in the house after a job opened in San Francisco — and then later fell through — for his wife.

They kept in constant touch with me by phone and by email and offered me several options for preparing the house — from a complete reworking to selling as is, with the cost estimates and trade-offs of each option — and promised their full support of whichever option I chose.

When the house was offered for sale, Pat and Anet were ready for potential buyers with written reports by certified inspectors for all the work that the house needed, bids for the repairs from contractors who had seen the house, answers for all the questions any potential buyer had and the cost for the solution to the problem.

All the paperwork was done over the Internet, save for one FedEx’ed document. We closed on the sale eight days after the Open House for far more than the asking price.

Tarpoff and Talbert is an efficient hardworking realty business knowledgeable, competent, trust worthy, easy to work with. Pat and Anet are special people who befriend and help an 85 year old woman living alone, who respect a house’s history, care about the quality of the work, and offer their expertise and experience to benefit their clients. I wish we had their clones in Texas.

Jenn S.
El Cerrito, CA
5.0 star rating

If you are looking to buy or sell a home in the east bay area I couldn’t recommend Tarpoff and Talbert more. They helped us to both buy a new home in El Cerrito and sell our old home in Berkeley. They are unique in that they will access your home, figure out what needs to be done to sell it for top dollar, get repair quotes from reliable people and then you just need to give the go ahead to do it, and they get it all done and ready for you! For us, this was heaven because we did not have the time or energy to do this ourselves. They ended up selling our house for about 70k more than what we thought it would sell for. They put ALOT of time and meticulous energy into their work, they love what they do and they are very good at it. They are honest, have integrity and make a stressful process have some fun and ease added to it! We were grateful to have been referred to them ourselves, we have our dream home now and I am happy to pass on this referral to whomever is looking for a great realtor! You will be in good hands with them.

Terrell K.
Oakland, CA
5.0 star rating

Tarpoff and Talbert are the realtors of your dreams! You’ll thank your lucky stars ~ and me ~that you’ve found them.

Don’t just take my word for it; see their website at http://tarpoffandtalbert‚Ķ and read some of their stories on line in the Montclarion/Berkeley Voice/Piedmonter/El Cerrito Journal/etc. They know the real estate industry and the market in the East Bay inside and out. They will work with you to sell your home with expertise, innovation and extraordinary care. They are thorough. They are consummate communicators.

They make sure, before they agree to help you sell your home, that you will be comfortable with the way they work, that you are absolutely ready to make the move, that they prepare you for all that you’re likely to experience throughout the process, that you understand the difficult language in the seemingly endless and necessary paperwork , and they make clear the steps that must be completed and deadlines that must be met. They are amazingly innovative in marketing your home and in their recommendations for preparing it for sale. Most importantly, they love their work and it’s clear that they love working with people like you. You’ll be so happy if you ask them to represent you.

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