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We really like working on listings.
We are good at it, and it is our favorite part of real estate.
We work with people we like and trust, people who feel the same about us.

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Every house is – delightfully – different.  It is these differences that fascinate us. We endeavor to point them out, the specifics of each of our listings, to potential buyers. And so, we take photos, write poetry and songs, use color and floor plans – do whatever we can to show by way of a flyer what it is that is the essence of each house we market.

No two advertising flyers are alike. Each is individually designed and printed for a specific listing.

We frequently get to help our sellers figure out where they are going, whether they can get there, and how. We are there while they clean out the accumulation of years, assist them in deciding what work, if any, it makes sense to do before going on the market.

We enjoy uncovering the details about houses through conversations with the owners, title and city record research, our own observations, and professional inspections.

Often our clients contact us a year or more before they are ready to sell. They’re figuring out whether they will be moving, and where, and they need information. We research price, think long and hard about the best marketing plan, and suggest workmen when needed.

Dear Sellers,

We think. But we do not think for you.
We will represent only you. We never represent the buyer of one of our listings.
We will treat your potential buyers with dignity and respect.
We are present at all of our open houses.
We have the best For Sale sign in the world. (We say this modestly.)
Our advertising flyers attract a lot of attention. And they include a floor plan done by an appraiser.
Other agents like to work with us.
We work hard and smart.
We are very organized.
We do everything we can possibly think to do to reduce your liability and ours.
We will be great guides for this journey on which you are about to embark.
We have a good time. You will too.

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